Chronic pain can serve as a reminder of an accident long after it happened. Given the challenges that can come with the diagnosis and subsequent treatment of chronic pain conditions, victims often find that their complaints fall on deaf ears.

The team of personal injury lawyers at Kane Shannon Weiler LLP have experience helping clients navigate their chronic pain claims. We are sensitive to the difficulties you are facing and will advocate for you and help to ensure that your right to treatment is protected.

We Understand Chronic Pain Cases

Unlike acute pain, chronic pain lingers. Attempts to return to a regular routine can be derailed by significant discomfort. This can result in stress, loss of wages, and other life-altering consequences. Because pain is difficult to quantify, patients often have great difficulty having their symptoms addressed and treated. Diagnosis can be complicated and drawn out and treatment plans are often lacking.

Our goal is to help you reclaim your life by fighting for your right to the comprehensive coverage and benefits that you deserve. Treatments for chronic pain such as medication, surgery, and physical therapy can be costly and we understand the importance of filing your claim correctly the first time.

At Kane Shannon Weiler, we take advantage of every resource at our disposal to ensure that you are provided with the proper care for your condition. We draw on the expertise of specialists in the field and vigorously defend your right to receive appropriate care

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