Power Of Attorney

By assigning a power of attorney to an individual, you are entrusting them with the responsibility of ensuring that your wishes are respected, even if you cannot make decisions for yourself. It is important to note that a power of attorney has the ability to act on your behalf for legal and financial matters but for medical decisions, you must designative an individual through a representative agreement.

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At Kane Shannon Weiler LLP, our team of estate and wills lawyers can provide you with assistance in drafting power of attorney documents and understanding the associated implications. We understand that appointing a power of attorney can be a complicated process and strive to make it as straightforward as possible.
We provide clients with assistance in all matters relating to powers of attorney including:

General power of attorney– a general power of attorney is authorized to make all decisions on behalf of the donor.


Specific power of attorney- a specific power of attorney is limited to authorizations and decisions


Enduring power of attorney- an enduring power of attorney remains valid even if the donor becomes mentally incapacitated. A power of attorney otherwise ends if the donor is incapable.

During the course of your lifetime, you may change your mind regarding the individual you have appointed a power of attorney. Provided that you are mentally capable, you have the right to revoke the power of attorney. The wills and estates lawyers at Kane Shannon Weiler LLP can assist you with this process, should the need arise.
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