Written by Michael J Weiler

Last updated November 16, 2015

Recently I reported on the rather remarkable case involving a number of Indo-Canadian veterinarians who successfully brought a complaint against the College of Veterinarians.  What was remarkable about the case was the fact the hearing lasted 356 days.

One would think the parties would have been exhausted both mentally and financially.  However, it appears the acrimonious litigation will continue.

It was reported in the Vancouver Sun on November 12 2015 that the College will pursue a judicial review of the Tribunal’s decision.  In a letter from counsel to the Complainant’s lawyers the College lawyers advised that “While the College would like to put this unfortunate matter behind it, it cannot let the findings of racism by the College go unchallenged.”

The Complainants claim they have spent more than $3 million fighting the College and it would be reasonable to assume that the College has spent at least that amount on its fees not to mention lost management time.  One wonders if the Government might step in as the NDP has urged.